Protein Shakes For Women To Gain Weight

Almost every woman who strength trains right, drinks the right protein shakes to put on muscle.

Gaining weight is a goal to accomplish for some women and truth be told the health and fitness community does not give much heed to it because many people are in it to loose weight,

A common and the most wrong perception and approach to gaining is eat whatever and gain whatsoever. This can be very unhrealthy and damaging to your body as you will gain more fat than muscle mass..

One needs to gain weight gradually but wisely by adding protein shakes to their daily diet. If you have no idea about protein shakes for women then take a look at this their great article named: “Protein Shakes for Women – Ultimate Guide for Ladies” to get more information.


Supplements Are Not Substitutes

Be it protein shakes and other protein rich foods, they are especially filling. According to many health journals and certified doctors, protein rich foods are more closely linked with feelings of

being satiated than carbohydrates or fats. That property makes it important to be added in our diets and supplements or shales do just fine when you do not replace them with meals,

Drinking a filling protein shake as a mid-morning meal daily or stealing sips of one along with any snacks can help put on healthy weight.


Plan To Gain

How fast do you want that ideal body? The answer lies in how many calories you get out of the daily shake you ingest. Experts say that consuming around 500 extra healthy calories in a day

will make you gain a pound in one week. When shopping for shakes, pick the ones that serve your desired calorie count right in every serving.

It should be kept in mind that a weight gain of 1 to 2 pounds in a week is considered safe.


Putting on Muscle

The healthiest way to put on weight is gaining some lean muscle as opposed to the common belief of storing just body fat. Drinking regular protein shakes help you gain good body weight.

Extra proteina alone do not mean more muscle mass gain. To develop and strengthen the muscle, what you need is to train hard on a regular basis. Strength training will not burn much calories,

so it is safe to say that your hard gained muscle mass is not likely to go away that easily.


Balanced Diet

Gaining weight does not mean taking high-calorie and high-fat foods lightly and gobbling down loads of them. They can throw off your metabolic rate and also raise your triglycerides. You need a

nutritional and balanced diet which means consuming whole foods from every food group.

Extra calories can be added in the form of healthy ingredients such as peanut butter, cocoa powder, fresh fruit, yogurt or milk.

Best Creatine Supplement – are they effective?

Is creatine safe and effective?

best creatine supplementCreatine is a natural substance within the body. It is produced by the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is needed to provide energy for muscles contractions. Many people have started taking creatine supplements because it claims to have many benefits for active people. You should see what they published in this post called Best Creatine Supplement Guide – Everything you should know in 2014, the information is simply amazing and really useful.

Does it work?

Creatine can improve athletic performance. It can help an athlete become faster and more powerful. Research has found that track and field athletes who took creatine prior to a race were able to maintain a faster sprint 30 seconds longer than their opponents. This supplement also improves your strength and power in the gym. It provides short bursts of energy that allow you to lift more weight for longer periods of time. This contributes to muscle growth. If we can lift heavier weights and work out longer, our muscles are working harder. This supplement also makes your muscles look bigger by retaining water. This can act as an ego boost because when you look in the mirror you instantly see muscle growth which pushes you to keep working hard. When we work out for longer periods of time, we are putting a lot of stress on our muscles. This makes us prone to damage and tearing but creatine can also improve the recovery process. This substance aids in repairing and rebuilding damaged tissues. It does this by increasing the production of protein. Protein is the building block of our body – we are essentially made up of proteins. Proteins are needed for our muscles, bones, and tissues. When we take creatine, this produces more protein, which encourages muscle growth. Growth occurs when muscles are reconstructed and repaired after a workout. Overall creatine is effective and offers many benefits for active people – it also provides energy by causing spikes in our metabolism.

Is it safe?

The fact that creatine naturally occurs in the body is a good sign because it shows us that it is meant to be in the body. The problem is that excess amounts of this substance can have negative side effects. The most important thing is to take it in moderation and considering consulting a doctor to find out what a healthy amount for you is. Creatine causes water retention. This can cause bloating and temporary weight gain. Water retention can also result in dehydration. Your muscles are sucking up any available water, so the rest of your body is being deprived of it. This can cause dizziness, nausea and fatigue. It is very important to drink a lot of water if you are taking this supplement. Over usage can also result in kidney damage. Our body functions in a way that it can only dispose of the natural levels of creatine. When there are excess amounts of it, our kidneys have to work overtime to try and excrete it through the urine. This puts too much stress on the kidneys which can cause kidney stones as well as kidney disease. Overall, creatine is safe in small doses but you should be aware of its side effects.

Top 8 worst foods for weight loss

Food industry had multiple changes in the past few decades. Mass production and increasing shelf life plus customer compliance is a major concern.

Customer compliance achieved via many ways, economic prices, taste enhancers, food reshaping to favorite forms like in children food industry.

Food processing and food refinery may remove all the food vital components leaving processed food unhealthy.

Any food bought in a box is processed, has preservatives and have a low vitamins and nutrients profile. Some regulations made to force food companies to enrich their food products with vitamins and minerals especially children snacks.

Here are 8 top food considered as the worst for weight loss


Refined grains

Whitening of food products does not mean it is healthy. It is only a psychological matter. People buy white rice just because its white color and it looks clean while brown rice is healthier. People also buy all-purpose white flour lack fiber and has gluten, which is causing indigestion and constipation. For your health and losing weight always, buy unprocessed or semi-processed food.

Quarter cup of white rice equals 145 calories


Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Sugar means fast satisfaction and stoppage of fat burning. Sugar sweetened beverages are of high glycemic index which means sudden high rise in blood sugar level which stimulating pancreas to release insulin. Sudden amount of sugar confuses the pancreas as it cannot determine how much sugar it deals with and consequently do not know how much insulin to release. Therefor it secretes insulin in relatively high amount to consume the sugar in the blood and the remaining amount of insulin makes you hungry again and so on.


Eight fluid ounce of cola equals 91 calories


Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweetener is the continuous supply of a drug with less side effects to a patient suffers from withdrawal symptoms of another drug with serious side effects. Most obese people are sugar addicts and an artificial (like aspartame) with high sweetness (double or triple sweetness of sucrose sugar) will not cut this addiction. Artificial sweetener found in many diet products like diet soda.



Salt gives a taste for the food and contain sodium chloride and iodide. Iodide is necessary for thyroid gland for its balanced function, which in turn helps increasing metabolism. Normal person need about 5gm of salt per day and may be less if he is hypertensive. Natural salt found in food as organic salt therefore consider taking less salt to ensure not exceeding your daily dose. Excessive salt use results in hypertension, water retention and accumulation of fat in the face and trunk due to body stress.


Trans fat

To increase shelf life in food industry and supplying cheap and less likely to spoil less greasy fat, hydrogenation of vegetable oils occurs. The product of hydrogenation process called trans-fat.

Most of chocolate, chips and “NO FAT” industry uses trans-fat instead of natural fat. Trans-fat linked to the risk of heart diseases and increasing of cholesterol levels which means excessive fat accumulation. Margarine is high in trans-fat elevating blood cholesterol.


Shelf-stable Condiments and sodium mono glutamate

Sodium mono glutamate or Chinese salt is a taste enhancer and appetizer. Add it to any food and it will be tasty and delicious. Beside it is a migraine inducer it increases sugar cravings.



Bacon is 45 calories a strip, high in fat, sodium, and the preservative sodium nitrate.


Low or No fat food products

Our body needs fats. According to American heart association, balanced daily food should contain at least 30% fat.